One night stay options on Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

One-night stay options on Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Places that take one-night stays

The Manor House Hotel – has ten rooms.

The Ship Inn pub – has five rooms.

The Lindisfarne Hotel – has seven rooms.

Holy Island Accommodation – has four rooms (limited availability for one-night stays).

Belvue Guesthouse – sometimes has one-nighters available when there are one-night gaps between other bookings. Check their availability here.

One-night stays with dogs

The only options for an overnight stay with dogs on the island are the Manor House Hotel, which takes dogs in some (but not all) of its rooms and the Lindisfarne Hotel which has one dog-friendly room on the ground floor.

One-night stays in a twin room

There are five providers that offer one-nighters in a twin room: Holy Island Accommodation, The Lindisfarne Hotel and The Ship Inn Pub. Each of these has only one twin room, so it is advisable to book them early. They are very popular with walkers. Belvue Guesthouse will sometimes have one-nightersin their twin room if there’s a gap between bookings.

One-night stays in a single room

There is one single room available for overnight stays, at the Manor House Hotel.

If you can’t find availability for one night

During high season (which now runs from April to October), it is common for one-night options to sell out completely, especially as there are fewer of these rooms available. Over recent years, we’ve seen an increase in visitors who book two nights on the island, even if they intend to only stay for one. Some of the providers who have a two-night-minimum rule actually offer cheaper rooms, so your stay may end up costing the same or only a little more extra.

The general picture

Over the last few years, the number of accommodation providers offering one-night stays on Holy Island has decreased significantly. Bamburgh View B&B has closed down (it is now a holiday let), and the Crown & Anchor Pub has switched to a two-night minimum. Others have already operated this policy.

In 2024 there will be 26 rooms on the island taking one-night bookings (down from 30 in 2021).

This is not surprising. Most of the accommodation on Holy Island is offered by small operators with only a few rooms. With the island being fully booked for much of the high season (and the season extending significantly after the pandemic thanks to rising visitor numbers), the cost and effort of daily changeover makes the practice difficult and expensive. Laundry and cleaning costs are up and staff are scarce. Those running a lifestyle business understandably prefer guests staying for longer than a night.

Further advice for those looking for a single night’s stay

Despite the above, you can still find accommodation for your overnight stay on Holy Island. The key is to plan ahead and book early, especially if you are planning to visit between April and October. Also, bear in mind that some of the places that offer only two-night minimum stays will sometimes have gaps between bookings, which they may wish to fill, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those.

One Night Stays on Lindisfarne (picture of Lindisfarne Castle)