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Lindisfarne Mead – Order Online

Order Lindisfarne Mead online

Lindisfarne Mead is produced by Saint Aidan’s Winery, using traditional methods. The dry-sweet drink is a blend of wine and honey with an ABV of 14.5%. The following are their signature drinks, available to order online from Amazon.

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Lindisfarne Traditional Mead

The traditional variety of this famous honey wine. It is a light-coloured semi-sweet drink with a strong honey profile and floral finish. Perfect with a cheeseboard.

Lindisfarne Dark Mead

If you like port, this limited edition dark mead is for you. It is made with honey from the hives on the banks of the river Tweed north of Holy Island and has a richer, deeper flavour with slight hints of caramel. Great as an after-dinner (or lunch) digestif.

Lindisfarne Spiced Mead

For those who like their drink with a bit of a spicy kick, the Lindisfarne Mead Spiced edition is a great winter drink, perhaps evoking the spirit of Christmas past. Great by the fireplace with nibbles.

Lindisfarne Pink Mead

This limited edition Pink Mead is made with the addition of blood oranges and tastes almost grapefruity. It is great on its own or mixed in cocktails.

Lindisfarne Mead Collection Gift

A perfect present (or if you can’t decide which of the above to buy and would like to sample three of them), this collection includes three 35cl bottles of Lindisfarne Traditional Mead (14.5% ABV), Pink Mead (12% ABV) and Spiced Mead (14.5% ABV) as well as a 100g Milk Honey Bar by North Chocolate.